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Choose an Ace Hot Tube Extra to make you event extra special


Ace Hot Tub Hire Gazabo's are the perfect solution for garden parties & BBQ’s this summer when you can’t rely on the great British weather! Add a Gazabo to your booking so that rain or shine you can party away...

Disco Music Ball

Ace Hot Tub Hire Disco Music Ball is perfect for any themed party event! The classic effect that is and always has been an essential part of any party. Whether it's to create the 70s disco feel or to create a shimmering light extravaganza, a disco music ball can be used creatively to fit in to any light show installation.

Strip Lights

Lighting is an important part of any event and can be used to create a real wow factor. Ace Hot Tub Strip Lights offer all the lighting needed for your party.

Waterproof Playing Cards

Ace hot Tub Hire Waterproof Playing Cards are perfectly designed and constructed for card players of all ages who want durable, waterproof playing cards for in the hot tub. Way beyond typical all-plastic playing cards, they’re washable, flexible and easy to shuffle. Great for the hot tub!!

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