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Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully our terms of hire

1. You the hirer are responsible for loss or damage to the hot tub and agree to pay any related costs.

2. There hot tub shall not be moved without prior consent of Ace hot tubs.

3. Should there be any accidents including slips, trips & falls the hirer will not hold ace hot tubs liable the hirer take full responsibility.

4. On the day off collection the spa the hirer will drain the spa and dry out.

5. In the event the hot tub or pump has a fault contact should be made with Ace Hot Tubs within 1 hour.

6. The hirer is responsible for any other people using the spa kids should be supervised at all times.

7. The hirer takes responsibility for any damage to property that may occur due to water.

8. The garden should be flat, secure and free from any sharp objects.

9. The hirer will provide means of filling the spa and electricity to the point where the hot tub will sit

10. The hirer never removes the air from the hot tub this is done only by Ace Hot Tubs

11. Because of the high temperature of Hot Tub water (37 - 40 deg C) if Users do not take great care about how they use the Hot Tub, they will very quickly create an environment containing solids in which legionella and other bacteria can breed. Some people are more susceptible than others.

12. Bathers must not wear lotions, oils, makeup or skin creams in the spa pool.

13. Bathers must use the toilet and shower before entering the spa pool.

14. Bathers must not use the spa pool if they have had diarrhoea within the last 14 days.

15. Bathers are discouraged from swallowing the spa pool water.

16. It is recommended that bathers do not exceed 15 minutes immersion at a time.

17. Bathers must not exceed the maximum number permitted in the spa pool

18. Children under four must not use the spa pool.

19. Children (and others) who are unable to keep their faces out of the water must not use the spa pool.

20. All other children using the spa pool must be supervised.

21. Babies’ nappies must not be changed beside the spa pool.

22. No incontinent person may use the spa pool, either with or without a waterproof nappy.

23. It is recommended that the spa pool is not used after a heavy meal or while under the influence of alcohol or sedatives.

24. Intended users suffering from diseases of the heart and circulation, skin conditions, are immuno-suppressed, subject to fits, or taking drugs affecting the cardiovascular or nervous systems, should not use spa pools without first seeking medical advice.

25. Pregnant women are advised to consult with their doctor before using a spa pool.

26. DO Brush any mud/grit from your feet before entering the water

27. DO NOT Use oils, soaps or any detergent in the water

28. DO NOT Use glassware in the Tub. Plastic glasses only

29. DO NOT Eat food or Smoke in the Spa

30. DO NOT Introduce mud, stones, sticks, grit etc. into the water

31. DO NOT Jump into the water or play ball games

32. DO NOT Sit, stand or lie on the lid of the Hot Tub at any time; or allow children on the lid.

33. Very Important – Please Note

34. You use the Hot Tub at your own risk

35. We cannot be held responsible for your safety whilst you are using the Hot Tub

36. Water quality is your responsibility

37. Please confirm you understand all the advice notes

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